15. März 2024

Die europäische infektiologische Gesellschaft ESCMID startet ein eigenes Journal.

CMI Communications is a fully open-access, interdisciplinary forum for knowledge exchange via the rapid publication of peer-reviewed articles on translational and clinical aspects of infectious diseases and their prevention and control, microbiology, and related immunology, epidemiology, and public health.

We welcome reviews and original articles that will provide our readers with the knowledge and evidence necessary to continually improve their healthcare practice, research, and policies.

Open calls for papers are below:

  • “In Other Words” (personal narratives by members of the ID/CM community)
  • Re-emerging pathogens in the context of global warming: diagnostics, treatment, and prevention
  • Strategies and evidence for antimicrobial stewardship

 You can find more information in the technical guidance for the authors.

 To learn more about CMI Communication visit the journal's website.

Article publishing charge

$1260* (standard fee: $2520)

Article publishing charge for open access

This journal offers authors the option to publish their research via open access. To publish open access, a publication fee (APC) needs to be met by the author or research funder.

* This discount is valid for all authors who wish to publish open access and submit their article by 31 December 2025

Message from the editor, Angela Huttner, Genf: 

First submissions will have almost no formatting requirements and turnaround times will be short. CMI Com will host a regular podcast, and its website will include interactive features allowing debate, knowledge transfer, and other exchanges. The new journal should be thought of as a living platform — a sort of workbench, an endoplasmic reticulum where many little ribosomes can get together to build good things — and not as a bundle of papers arriving once a month in the mail.”


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